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Myzel Client Part 1

What follows is an explanation of all the display and operating features of the Myzel client.

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What follows is an explanation of all the display and operating features of the Myzel client.

This is the main operating screen of the Myzel client and appears when the program is started.

The window is divided into the following areas:

Chat and inventory

Title Area
The title area shows which room or area you are in at the moment, the current time and date in the Myzel universe, and your health and social status.


In the environment area the following information and actions are available:

A list of people who are in the same room or area as you.
A list of objects in the vicinity.
When you select one of these objects, a list of the actions you can perform (for instance, inspect, manage, repair, walk through) appear in the "actions" box.
When you have selected an object and a linked action, you can use the "do" button to carry out the action.
You can use the navigation buttons to move around the planet in any of the four directions.

Tools Area
The buttons in the tools area are used to start the various management tools. Buttons which are greyed out relate to tools that are not currently available.


Chat and Inventory area
The chat area allows you to communicate with other players who are in the same grid location as you. Simply type text into the chat input field and press "enter". The text then appears in the chat log alongside your username.


With the "inventory" button you can switch from "chat" view to "inventory" view, where you can see which objects you have in your inventory and what you can do with them. With the "drop" button you can take an object from your inventory and put it back into the public domain (it will be dropped into the grid location you are in). If you want to carry out an action with an object from your inventory, click on the object, then on the required action in the actions list and then on the "do" button.


Status Area

The status area allows you to log on to a Myzel server or to log out and end the program, and displays useful status information.

1.2 Message Tool

The message tool is used for sending messages to other players. As with email, players receive messages even when they are not logged on. The message tool lists messages you have received. Messages are displayed until you delete them. When you click on a message in the list, its content appears in the text box.

Use the "new message" button to create a message, and "reply" to respond to a message you have received. "Delete message" removes a received message from the list.


Part 2  Part 3