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The Game World 2: Economics

World Politics & Society Life

Converters enable Force to be changed into physical things such as food or buildings.
Pipes are laid from Refineries to Consumers and a Converter is erected at the end of them. Out of the highly concentrated Force the Converter makes all the wonderful things that the inhabitants need.

Refineries can make Force out of Source.
Refineries are built in an Area that has Source. They go on supplying Force until the Source runs out. Workers and Force are needed to build a Refinery. The Force needed for this is extracted by the Workers directly from the Source. When a Refinery is completed it the person who built it receives the Key.
From a Refinery Pipes can be laid to Consumers. Consumers are Publishers, other Refineries or simply Converters for the production of goods or food.
Enormous demands are made on Refineries and so they have to be repaired regularly. Repairs are carried out by the Workers.
A key is needed in order to operate a Refinery. The Key makes it possible to carry out tasks associated with the Refinery, including specifying an account for receiving money, carrying out building work and repairs, and setting the dimensions of Pipes.

Publisher (puts eZines on the Net)
Publisher is the “printing press” of the electronic information age.
A Publisher is the interface with the information network which spans the whole universe. Building a Publisher requires Credits (for workers) and Force. The operation of the Publisher requires a particular quantity of Force for each eZine produced. The Publisher also deteriorates and has to be repaired by workers with the help of Force.
Each Publisher has a Key and must be unlocked before it can be used. Then settings can be selected for accounts, pricees and repair tasks.

eZines are electronic media, which can be used to distribute any type of information. eZines can be obtained throughout the universe via the information network. They are produced and paid for on demand. It is also possible to subscribe to them.

The currency of the universe.

Accounts which can belong to a Union, a Cluster, or an individual. Each person has an Asset. Owners of Refineries and Publishers can register their personal Asset there and use it to receive payments from their Customers.

The workers are played by the computer and are needed to produce Refineries and Publishers out of Force. In addition they have to service and maintain all the goods in the world, so that they continue to function and indeed to exist.
Workers are in fact artificial living beings which feed themselves, keep themselves informed, and even reproduce automatically. They are used for all physical work, as the information society now prevails everywhere. (The main reason for this is that physical work is rather boring in a computer game.)

Everything which is built starts to wear out and must be repaired if it is not to break down. This costs a particular amount of Force and Credits for the Workers.

World Politics & Society Life