Welcome to Myzel!

Myzel is an online community game. (In fact, the game is named after mycelium, the root growth of mushrooms and fungi).

Myzel is no ordinary game. The rules of the game are created by the players themselves. Players define what is allowed and what isn't and see firsthand the complex interconnections of economy, politics, and society.

Myzel is not a commercial product, and has been largely supported through public funding. A shortage of funding has meant that many of the planned features (for example, the 3D user interace) have not become available and that the project is in hibernation.

Nevertheless, a game world is available with all the important features in place, so anyone interested can register and download the client and have a look around the Myzel world, which at peak times has been populated by hundreds of users.

Have fun!

German site

great thanxs to siobhan for the translation work