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Myzel. Build your own universe.

Online gamers are summoned to an internet-wide game testing. Virtual communities constantly re-define the rules of the game.

Vienna. At Vienna Technical University’s Institute of Applied Information Technology the Myzel project is ushering in a new generation of simulation games. At the same time the website at www.myzel.org offers a community platform with previously undreamt of possibilities.

Enthusiasm for the game is spreading like wildfire. But the appeal of the game must be maintained if people are to keep on coming back. So new versions of the game will continue to be produced, each more exciting, more varied and more complex than the one before. This presents challenges in the field of graphics as well as in the design of the game and the way in which it unfolds.

An ambitious game project is now planning to outdo everything that has been achieved to date by internet-based simulation games. Myzel has been developed by the backbone.interactive group under the leadership of the university lecturer Dr. Wolfgang Hofkirchner. What makes it special is the fact that the design of the game allows the players a free hand in drawing up the rules.

To help turn the ambitious idea into reality, the developers of Myzel have now set up a special on-line community. From 19th November 2000 enthusiastic on-line gamers will have the opportunity to experiment with Myzel and see how well it works. This will make it possible for the process of the game to be critically examined, as well as technical bugs and the rules of play.

The weapon of the third millennium is information. Instead of becoming embroiled in military conflicts, people now find their lives threatened by media conspiracies. What are the real goals of ambitious politicians, what machinations are the suppliers of our universally important energy getting involved in, and what is on the secret agenda of the media tycoons? The media create the reality in which politics, society and the economy struggle to survive.

The particular attraction of Myzel is that the framework of this struggle for survival is constantly being re-created and re-defined by the players. It is the game community itself which decides whether the universe needs to be freed from the clutches of a hated tyrant, or whether the best possible way of running a society will be found.

In the Myzel virtual community the test players have access to a user-friendly client where all interactions take place and which is connected to the server. The server contains both the system data and the rule interpreter. Myzel thus consists of a server, a linked client and a community website.

When the virtual community has been established and test players have completed the phase of public testing, the implementation process will be brought to a close with the game being available in September 2001 in three-dimensional virtual reality.

The Myzel project is sponsored by the National Ministry for Education, Science and Culture.

Further information:

Peter Judmaier
c/o Institut für Gestaltungs- und Wirkungsforschung
TU Wien
Telephone: +43 (1) 58801-18735


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