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Game World 3: Politics & Society

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All the Clusters and people on a Planet form a Union.
On each Planet there is a Main Cluster, called the Union, to which all permanent inhabitants of the Planet belong. The Union’s Rulebooks contains the rules which apply to that Planet The Union is also responsible for the Interstellar Gates and for the Credits which are in circulation.

Unionheads are people who have Power Tokens and so can carry out particular decisions.
A particular number of Power Tokens is needed to change the Permissions of an Interstellar Gate, access the Union Asset, make changes to the Union Rulebook, join the Union, leave the Union and initiate a Vote. For each of these actions there are 23 Power Tokens and a “threshold number” of Power Tokens needed to carry out the action. A person who has no Power Tokens cannot initiate any of these actions. Someone who has fewer than the threshold quantity can initiate the action, but enough Unionheads must first agree so that the threshold number is reached before the action is carried out. A person who has the threshold quantity of Power Tokens or more can carry out an action without consulting other Unionheads.

A Cluster is a group of people with the same goals or interests.
Clusters have their own Rulebook and their own Asset. Power Tokens are needed to invite someone to join a Cluster or to remove them from it, and for the Rulebook and Asset. Someone who wants to leave a Cluster does not need a Power Token.

Clusterheads are people who have Power Tokens and therefore can carry out decisions within a Cluster.
They are the same as Unionheads, except that they operate within Clusters.

Rules determine how people live together. Players must decide how they will set the rules, carry them out, see that they are kept, and punish infringements.

Votes take place within a Union or Cluster.
Power Tokens are necessary to carry out a Vote. A person who does not have enough Power Tokens must get other holders of Power Tokens to agree before a vote can take place.

For each Interstellar Gate the Permission can be set to determine which Unions or Persons can pass through. It is of course also possible to make the Gate open to everyone. Planetary Gates can only set Permissions for individuals.

Power Tokens
Power Tokens are needed for certain actions such as the distribution of Permissions for the Interstellar Gates, or for access to Assets. Each of these Actions needs a particular number of Power Tokens, which may be provided by one person or by several.

World  Economics  Life