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The Name of the Brother

The Name of the Brother, which came out in 1996, represented the first attempt in
Austria to incorporate political content into a thoroughly modern computer game.  First person view, then used primarily for so-called shooter games, involves the fight against an extreme right-wing dictator in a city state in the near future.  This can take place by various means, ranging from information campaigns to underground activities, which achieve different degrees of success in deposing the dictator.  Further information on the game please visit:

Other projects in which members of backbone.interactive have played a significant part include:

- RTV Player has managed the television edition since the start of the broadcasting operation in 1995

- Oudeis – A worldwide Odyssey – Internet Theatre Project.

- InterPoemrhizomatic system for interactive poetry
- Collaboration with CURE – Centre for Usability Research and Design

- iftaf (Website of the Institute for Transacoustic Research)
appearance on the web of the Young Entrepreneurs pages of the Chamber of Economic Trustees.
- TU NetDB - Netplane.  Network management tool making it possible to model and administer complete network infrastructures
- Asfit: Advanced Skills for Information Technologie, courses delivered by distance learning and video conferencing.
- "Viele Ein-Blicke" (“Many In-Sights”) Multimedia information CD-Rom for  employment market services.

- User Interface Design for self-service banking machines.
- interactive, musical ludo game
- Live streaming for Grissemann & Stermann, Blumenau – one of the first live broadcasts on the internet in Austria (Company: CoCo Soft.Eng.)
- - Homepage of the youth magazine RennbahnExpress.
-  Design for an EU framework program project
- Redesigning the website of the former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger.

- telezone (2nd prize in the Prix Ars Electronica 2000).
- Flashback - interactive online comic for the homepage of the Kurier newspaper.
- MSV 2000 – interactive public music installation.
- cede gluebing 2.0 - interactive environment for live music production.
- The Sound Of One Hand – data glove for live music production.
- Redesigning the homepage of the news magazine  Profil.
- Virtual Parallel Slalom 2000, TV gameshow: Virtual Reality 3D Whole body action game for two players.
- Program Media Director 2000,  web-based satellite tuning + Powerpoint programming on multiple TVs for Volksbank NÖ, Wr.Neustadt.
- Web Text 2000, Java Teletext - browser and editor.
- Internet installation CD-Rom for a large internet service provider.
- Flash work for Otto Stöckl’s homepage

Download the game (without music): (12 MB)