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Roles within the game

There are a few key roles that are well-suited to the game and they are introduced briefly here. Keep in mind though that players are not restricted to these roles but, instead, can choose for themselves the position they want to occupy in the Myzel community.

Politicians are elected by the other players. Depending on their power tokens they initiate votes, supervise the rules and impose sanctions. In addition they have access to the union assets and the gates in the external borders of their union.

Media producers
Media producers publish e-zines, the media used in the game. They employ journalists who contribute articles to e-zines. In order to produce e-zines they need force, which has to be bought in from the owners of power stations.

Power station owners

Power station owners build refineries on sources, in order to refine and sell the force which is found there. In order to maintain their refineries they must employ workers, which are played by the computer. The energy which is extracted can be sold within the union or exported.

Journalists produce the content for the e-zines of the media producers. They are paid by the media producers. They are responsible for the content and appearance of their media, so the quality of the e-zines (and presumably circulation numbers too) is in their hands.