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System statistics

At the time of the active testing phase the Myzel community consisted of about 380 users, 100 of whom constituted the core community as they were regularly online.

After a long period of intensive planning the implementation of the project began on 1.8.2000.
The first fully functioning 2D release was effected on 31.1.2001.
The first update took place on 23.2.2001.

Up to September 2001 we have unfortunately not been able to interest any further potential investors in our project, which means that at present no further development is taking place.

Technical specifications
The implementation of the client takes place in Java, so that the program will run on as many platforms as possible. The client can run without difficulty in MacOS, Windows and Linux.

The server has also been implemented in Java.

The Myzel project has been supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Art and carried out at the Institute of Applied Information Technology, Department of Social Cybernetics, under the aegis of Dr. Wolfgang Hofkirchner.

Design and Implementation

If you are interested in any form of cooperation, sponsorship or partnership, please contact Peter Judmaier at p.judmaier@myzel.org.