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backbone.interactive – The Team behind Myzel

backbone.interactive was set up in 1997 to implement the computer game “The Name of the Brother”. The group aims to use innovative technology in the field of entertainment and communication to convey content which furthers democracy and to do so in a way which is both comprehensible and appealing, yet does not distort through over-simplification.

In order to meet the cross-disciplinary demands of modern multimedia and communication technologies, the core team for each project was strengthened by the addition of five specially selected IT experts and a graphic designer.

We want to express our particular thanks to the Institute for Applied Information Technology, Department of Social Cybernetics, at the University of Vienna, and in particular to D. Wolfgang Hofkrchner and Dr. Peter Purgathofer.

Thomas Hantsch

Born 1972 in Vienna
After many years spent enthusiastically playing computer games, I decided to study information technology. In the projects people notice my passion for graphics, sound, programming and games, and at backbone.interactive I can become completely immersed in these things.

Peter Judmaier

Born 1969 in Mistelbach
Peter Judmaier studied information and communication technologies. That is an irregular course of study at the Technical University in Vienna and is concerned with the application and effects of computer use in all aspects of life. When he is not working for backbone.interactive he works as a designer of software and information systems.

Gunter Pringer

Born 1971 in Vienna
Has been studying information technology at the Technical University in Vienna since 1989.
Has worked in the field of user interface design, media design and implementation at the Center for Usability Research and Engineering (CURE) at the University of Vienna and in the Research Society for Information Technology (FGI) at the Technical University in Vienna.

Jörg Piringer

Born 1974 in Vienna
Lives in Vienna and Gmunden. At present studying information technology. School of Literature in Vienna (Curd Duca, Sainkho Namtchylak, Christine Huber, Jermome Rothenberg). Founder of the literary and photographic journal Szescetszescdziesiatszesc. Various internet literature projects. Founding of the Institute for Trans-acoustic Research. Member of the First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. Performances in the field of word theatre at the Volkstheater in Vienna. Digital sound poetry and electronic music.

Martin Porocnik

Born 1973 in Vienna
Since 1992 has been studying business information technology at Vienna University.
Since 1992 has been studying information technology at the Technical University in Vienna in the area of data bank design.
Implementation of data bank applications and internet connections, design of divided systems and development of meta-languages. Other areas of activity: building and administration of LAN networks.

Philipp Schlörb

Born 1972 in Giessen, Germany
1994 – 1997, studied at the Institute of St. Luc, Liège. Diploma as illustrator and comic artist. Collaboration on the Parisian comic fanzine “La Sainte Vie du Rail”. Publication of the comics “Le Roque” and “Franz” by Editions Rafistolage, Flemalle, Belgium. Online comics “Weihnachts-Man” and “Flashback” for the daily newspaper Kurier. Very varied work on illustrations and comics, digital and on paper.