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The Game World 1: World

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These pages give an overview of the (virtual) physical make-up of Myzel and its objects, functions and activities.

The universe is infinite. Probably. And until science in the real world has proved the opposite, our universe will also be able to contain an infinite number of planets.

Individual planets may be newly discovered or occupied by players.
A planet is something like the Earth. It has a fixed quantity of resources and a particular number of inhabitants, who produce things which are important for life and think up rules for themselves which they may or not abide by.
Each planet is mapped into areas. Each area has defined co-ordinates (x and y).
Each planet is in fact like a donut, because the starting co-ordinates (0) link up with the final co-ordinates. It is not of any further importance, but it took us quite a while to understand this and now we are just showing off our flash of inspiration. (It was the respected scientist Thomas Hansch who showed us we were wrong in that planets are round.)
Buildings can be erected in any Area.

From source energy can be obtained. For this to happen the source must have exceeded the size of the Novac factor (the critical mass, so to speak).
Each planet has a fixed quantity of source. When it has been refined into force it can be used for building and can be eaten. Used force changes back into source and then flows back into the planets. Each source has a fixed quantity of energy. When this is used up, no more force can be produced by the associated refinery.

Force (energy)
A form of energy which can be compressed into all sorts of products and which is obtained from source.

The connecting gateways between individual planets or between individual points on one planet.
Each gate links two specific points. Gates which connect planets are interstellar gates. They are subject to permissions. This controls their permeability. Permissions can be set up for individuals and for unions. If unions have permissions, all their members can use the gate in both directions. An individual with permission can also use the gate in both directions. Planetary pates operate in the same way as interstellar gates, except that there are no permissions for unions.
Power tokens are needed to set or change permissions.

Buildings are erected in areas with the help of force and workers. Like everything in the world they deteriorate and have to be repaired regularly. On completion a building has a key with which the door can be locked. This key can be copied in a converter and given to other players.

Any imaginable thing can be brought into the world with the help of converters and workers. There are two different classes of things – those that be carried in the inventory and those that are immovable. Things also deteriorate and must be repaired if they are to continue in use.

For refineries, publisher, converters and buildings there are keys, which can be used to operate them. Keys can be copied in a converter and then given away.

Economics Politics & Society Life